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Transcript of video on eGov Cluster home page

Michael Phillips, ManagerĀ eGov Cluster

NICTA - the nation’s largest organisation dedicated to ICT research.

The bridge between ICT innovation and industry.

Our passion is innovative ICT that can transform our nation for the better.

NICTA’s eGov Cluster is dedicated to ICT Innovation in the public sector.

The eGov Cluster brings together like minded people, who believe strongly in a vibrant Australian ICT Industry, and the role it can play in ensuring that Australia is world leading.

And a proven way to make this happen is through collaborative projects that get innovators working with government on real business challenges.

See what can be achieved by working together

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Digital Canberra Challenge

Round #3 Protoype Solutions are underway and Round #4 Challenges have been submitted for consideration to the Program Board.

Department of Finance - Blog

Be up to date with current discussions around procurement and other ICT related initiatives.

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Upcoming Events

Digital Canberra Challenge Round #3 Awards Event & Innovation Showcase

April 23 2015


This event will be presented at Westside pop-up village reflecting the DCC's innovative spirit. Come along for the opportuntiy to network, see some interesting demos, and discover who was voted winner for Round #3.

RSVP by 14 April

To register click here