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Role and activity

The Steering Committee meets quarterly to monitor and guide the activities and progress of the Cluster.

This is an extract from the eGov Cluster ‘Terms of Reference’, referring to the membership and activity of the Steering Committee.

Steering Committee – Role

Art. 33 The Steering Committee provides strategic guidance and control of the e-Government Cluster in accordance with these Terms-of-Reference.

Art. 34 NICTA provides operational management and support to the Steering Committee.

Steering Committee - Composition

Art. 35 The full composition of the Steering Committee is as follows:

Art. 36 The Steering Committee must comprise a minimum of seven Members at all times.

Art. 37 Subject to the unanimous agreement of the Steering Committee, each Steering Committee Member may delegate to an alternate Steering Committee Member to attend Steering Committee meetings.  The delegate shall receive notices of Steering Committee meetings and generally perform the responsibilities of a Steering Committee Member in the absence of that delegate’s Steering Committee Member.

Art. 38 Any numbers of Observers from Member organisations and/or members are allowed at all times.

Steering Committee - Admission

Art. 39 The Steering Committee may appoint eligible persons as per clause 35 above to fill casual vacancies caused by the retirement or resignation of a Steering Committee Member.

Steering Committee - Term

Art. 40 Steering Committee Members serve two-year terms with a maximum of two terms.

Art. 41 The term of the Chair will be one year with a maximum of two consecutive terms. The role of the Chair is by invitation of the Cluster Steering Committee and is a voluntary role.

Steering Committee - Cessation

Art. 42 Steering Committee Members may resign from the Steering Committee at any time by formally notifying the Chair of the Steering Committee.

Steering Committee - Meetings & Decision Making

Art. 43 The Steering Committee may arrange meetings of the Steering Committee, as its Steering Committee Members think fit, provided that:

Art. 44 Steering Committee meetings require a quorum of 50 per cent of the Steering Committee Members.

Art. 45 Formal decisions may be taken by majority vote of the Steering Committee members. In the case of an equal number of votes, the Chair has a second or casting vote.

Art. 46 No meeting of the Steering Committee will discuss matters affecting competition between Steering Committee Members or between Steering Committee Members and third parties.  




Digital Canberra Challenge

Round #3 Protoype Solutions are underway and Round #4 Challenges have been submitted for consideration to the Program Board.

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Upcoming Events

Digital Canberra Challenge Round #3 Awards Event & Innovation Showcase

April 23 2015


This event will be presented at Westside pop-up village reflecting the DCC's innovative spirit. Come along for the opportuntiy to network, see some interesting demos, and discover who was voted winner for Round #3.

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