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ICT innovation & public administration at their best

Innovative Australian ICT is playing a critical role in the radical transformation of many businesses. If you are in public administration or in industry and are committed to seeing the same transformation in government, then join the Cluster. There’s no charge.




Policies & Docs

The eGov Cluster is a transparent organisation. All its policies and procedures are drafted with the consultation of its members and approved by the Steering Committee. Find out more.

Management & Governance

The management and administration of the eGov Cluster is provided by NICTA, as part of its leadership role of promoting ICT innovation in Australia. The eGov Cluster, based at NICTA’s Canberra Research Laboratory, is governed by a Steering Committee and daily managed by a Manager and an Executive Officer. Find out more.


The Australian eGov Cluster is an industry grouping whose members are collaborating to advance ICT innovation in the public sector. ICT is transforming all types of business. The eGov Cluster encourages government and industry representatives to join this revolution and contribute to the next wave of efficient government. It's simple to register online or find out more.

Digital Canberra Challenge



Collaborative Projects

The eGov Cluster promotes collaboration between Government, industry and research in finding innovative ICT solutions to increasingly complex problems faced by government today. Interested parties can propose a new project or participate in an approved project. Find out more.


The eGov Cluster provides access to a range of forums – seminars, workshops, conferences and other events, to share ideas and experiences in a non-competitive manner for the mutual benefit of all participants. Find out more.


The eGov Cluster works closely with like-minded organisations (AIIA, CollabIT, ACS) to advance ICT innovation in general, and in Government in particular. Find out more.


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Digital Canberra Challenge

Round #3 Protoype Solutions are underway and Round #4 Challenges have been submitted for consideration to the Program Board.

Department of Finance - Blog

Be up to date with current discussions around procurement and other ICT related initiatives.

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Upcoming Events

Digital Canberra Challenge Round #3 Awards Event & Innovation Showcase

April 23 2015


This event will be presented at Westside pop-up village reflecting the DCC's innovative spirit. Come along for the opportuntiy to network, see some interesting demos, and discover who was voted winner for Round #3.

RSVP by 14 April

To register click here